Our Source Farms & Makers

We are grateful to the Farmers, Growers and Makers who do the hard work so that we can enjoy the fruits of their labors!


Langwater Farm is proud to be a family-run business. Energized by a diverse crew, with backgrounds in small-scale sustainable agriculture, this hard-working farm strives to produce fresh organic produce year-round.  Certified Organic.

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Justin and Kathryn Shepard breed and raise their own pigs, from farrow to finish, and have approximately 30 pigs on farm at any given time. Kathryn raises cornish cross broiler chickens with Erin Williams through their joint venture, Plympton Poultry. Sustainably and lovingly raised.

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The Coleman Family is wholeheartedly committed to providing the best in local family farming and beginning a legacy of sustainable farming for the future. They grow a wide variety of GMO free crops, raise bees and have connected us to eggs,  and maple syrup. Sustainably grown.

Since 1996 The Web of Life farm has been committed to small scale sustainable farming practices. Farmer Donna Blischke provides us with a wide variety of organically grown  vegetables, flowers and farm products. We are so lucky to have WOLF providing us with delicious local food!

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Erin & Kathryn launched Plympton Poultry  in 2016 and raise cornish cross broiler chickens for farm fresh meat.  Their birds live on pasture with plenty of access to sunshine, fresh grass and bugs and are processed in a USDA facility.  We hear again and again that theirs is the best chicken many have ever tasted.


We source Certified Organic and sustainably grown/crafted foods from on and off Cape Cod. We work with our partner farms to provide them with another channel through which their products can reach the appreciative mouths of consumers. If you are interested in working with us please contact Susan Sigel Goldsmith owner via email,  or call or text (508) 292-4080. 


Farmer J.H. (Joe) Beaulieu provides us with our delicious, naturally grown, field raised, USDA inspected beef as well as our farm fresh eggs.  Many of our members know Joe from the Sandwich Farmers Market, which he started years ago.

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