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Welcome to The Bootstrap Farm Club 

The Bootstrap Farm Club connects food enthusiasts in Cataumet and surrounding areas with farm-fresh food and garden products. We source quality farm products from MA, RI and neighboring areas and bring those goods to our members. We strive to expand the types of products that are available locally, specifically working to source sustainably grown, heirloom and uncommon varietals in addition to everyday favorites. We offer both Certified Organic and sustainably grown products and work to have a zero waste model. 

When possible we host events and tastings where members can share recipes, try new items, meet local farmers and enjoy the company of others who are interested in knowing how their food is sourced. We craft experiences with educators and like-minded organizations that  enrich our lives and improve the earth.


The Bootstrap Story 

The launch of the Bootstrap Farm Club was the realization of a multi-year dream by entrepreneur and owner Susan Sigel Goldsmith, who moved to Cataumet in 2016 after living on Martha's Vineyard for 18 years.  

The original Bootstrap Farm was a sweet little log cabin with a barn, just outside of downtown Edgartown, on the Island of Martha's Vineyard. It started as a summer house, and became part of an 18 year journey of life on an Island.

The Edgartown Bootstrap housed antiques in the barn, and supported a cadre of neighborhood youth in pursuit of horse riding. It was the place where I transitioned from "city gal" to someone who appreciates what it takes to coax life from the earth. It's  where my child was born, and where my heart connected to some amazingly hard-working and wonderful farm-folk.  It was the beginning of my life as a farmer-of-sorts, a dream I've long held.


Twenty years later, the Bootstrap has been reborn around the corner from my new home in Cataumet. We launched with the help and support of some amazing people, who have chosen to open doors and lend a hand to make my dream come true.  We've got the perfect little location, an awesome group of farmers who provide us with products, and a wonderful community ready to shop, eat, learn and laugh with us.  


The Bootstrap Farm Club strives to connect neighbors with local food, makers, growers, and educators to craft experiences which enrich our lives and improve the earth. 

Come check us out, and tell us what you think.

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